• Mr. Pablo Guerrero was the first to introduce coffee to the Tangua area outside of the city of Pasto in the year 2000. Hacienda El Obraje has been in Pablo’s family for many years and originally produced wheat and other grains.


    By 2009, he had built a facility to process his own coffee and entered into the specialty coffee market. Planting coffee was initially risky because he was unsure how productive coffee would be at such a high elevation, but the coffee trees flourished and now others are following in his footsteps.


    The climate and terrain of Obraje are major contributing factors to its coffee’s unique cup profile.


    If you can, we recommend resting the coffee for 2 weeks to begin experiencing it in its fullness. But we understand if you just can't wait...


    Colombia - El Obraje

    • Country:                       Colombia

      Region:                         Nariño

      Varietal:                        Caturra

      Process:                       Washed

      Tasting Notes:           Toffee apple, grape, caramel