Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee renowned for its full body, bright acidity and rich aftertaste, since the early 19th century.

The Huila region is well known for its coffee quality, but also for being the first historical department in Colombia to begin coffee production. Farmers in Huila are very quality-conscious. Their crops receive a lot of care and attention and they tend to be the most pioneering when it comes to embracing new processing and farming methods. 


Yesid Castañeda has taken advantage of the fertility of the land, rich in organic matter, with high permeability and high water retention capacity, in order to produce a coffee characterised by its 24-hour fermentation and the use of the parabolic dryer. 

This special lot from Finca Las Delicias is both sweet and complex in profile. We're blown away by the fruity complexity of this!


As always, if you can, we recommend resting the coffee for 2 weeks to begin experiencing it in its fullness. But we understand if you just can't wait...

Colombia / Finca las Delicias

  • Country            /            Colombia

    Region              /            Santa Maria, Huila

    Varietal             /            Caturra

    Process             /           Natural

    Tasting Notes /           Guava, pink lady and cherry cola