David Rubanzangabo set up the Huye Mountain washing station in 2011, and since become a stand out station not just for the incredible coffees.


Huye Mountain washing station provides benefits for the 1,300+ smallholder farmers who process their cherry there. 


David really goes above and beyond the norm - giving access to health insurance, micro-loans and help with school fees to the farmers he works alongside. Coupled with the high altitude, it means Huye Mountain will continue to thrive and produce more incredible coffees like this in the future.


If you can, we recommend resting the coffee for 2 weeks to begin experiencing it in its fullness. But we understand if you just can't wait...


Huye Mountain - Rwanda

  • Country:                      Rwanda

    Region:                         Huye District

    Varietal:                        Bourbon

    Process:                        Natural

    Tasting Notes:           Apricot, raspberry, dark chocolate