This is a Plantation AA grade coffee from the Bynekere Estate in the west of the Baba Budan Giri region in South India. Run by the third generation of coffee planters, the estate is situated at around 1300 masl and produces Selection 795 variety. Bynekere Estate prides itself on its rich biodiversity where shade canopies of silver oak, red cedar, teak, and many other forest trees contribute to a naturally shade grown coffee.


We are so excited to bring you this amazing Indian coffee, our first from this relative newcomer to the speciality coffee world. It is a specially processed, washed coffee, giving the clean lines of a normal washed, but the tropical fruit of a natural. A beautiful balance.


This coffee was kept in the vat for 15 hours with covers before de-pulping. This was done to give more character & bring more complex fruit nuances to the cup. Fermentation was completed over 25 hours then dried under shade for 3 days and under Sun for the remaining days till it reached optimum moisture.

India - Bynekere Estate

Grind options
  • Country:                       India

    Region:                        Karnataka

    Varietal:                        S795

    Process:                       Special Washed

    Tasting Notes:              Mango, Guava, Dark Chocolate

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