We are super excited about this delicious and unusual coffee from Papua New Guinea.


Kanale is an old washing station which has been recently reopened during a refurbishment in the Western Highlands just outside of the town of Mount Hagen, Wahgi Valley. This year is the first season of coffee coming through this mill again so we are so privileged to get our hands on it!


Farmers pulped the cherry on the same day of harvest, leaving you a super smooth coffee with a deliciously mouth watering sherbetty tang on the finish.


Fun fact - this coffee was grown near the Baiyer River Sanctuary which has a huge collection of birds, such as the bird of paradise and an abundance of wildlife like tree kangaroos and the cuscus. 

PNG - Kenale Hagen

Grind options
  • Country:                       Papua New Guinea

    Region:                        Goroka

    Varietal:                        Arusha, Typica and Bourbon

    Process:                       Washed

    Tasting Notes:              Dark Chocolate, Blackberry, Candyfloss


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