Luminary Bakery X New Ground


Luminary Bakery are an amazing enterprise based in London, with coffee shops in Stoke Newington and Camden. In the UK, thousands of women experience poverty, homelessness, violence or criminal activity; this creates disadvantage, it attacks their self-belief & it drastically reduces the opportunities available to them. Women are living through this right now, in our city. Luminary exists for these women. They offer skills training, paid employment and a supportive community to help women thrive. 


It's well documented that prisoners are much more likely to reoffend after release if they are without training and jobs. That's where New Ground fits in. We roast high grade, speciality coffee in Oxford and offer training and work opportunities for ex-offenders across the Thames Valley.


The Luminary Blend is a collaboration between these two social enterprises and is the coffee that is used in both of Luminary's cafes 50% of the revenue from this coffee going to each venture. 


In this blend, we have chosen to use a Brazilian as the base, to give it a rich, millk chocolate and hazlenut undertone. We have blended this with a juicy, caramelly Colombian, to enhance the fruity flavours and silky mouthfeel. We collaboratively worked tirelessly to produce this exciting blend and know that you will enjoy it.

Luminary Blend

Grind options
  • Country:                       Brazil and Colmbia

    Varietal:                        Natural Catuai and Washed Caturra

    Tasting Notes:              Hazelnut, Dried Fruits and Milk Chocolate

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