During the 80's Mr Inacio saw the necessity for food supply to the World. A descendent of Germany, he realised the potential in agriculture. He is a real entreprenuer, with a good eye for coffee detail, and the rest is history! We're delighted to be offering you his naturally-processed Brazillian classic.


Mr Inacio works to very high standards, has all the certification going, and is innovative in his approach.


The good weather during the harvest season allows to save evergy, spending at least 6 days on a patio, before going to a mechanical dryer. After reaching 11.5% moisture, the coffees go to wood silos to rest for at least 30 days to smoothen the cup profile.


This cup will be rich and sweet and is amazing through all types of brew methods. 

Brazil - Monte Carmelo

Grind options
  • Country:                       Brazil

    Region:                        Carrado de Mineiro

    Varietal:                        Yellow Catuai

    Process:                       Natural

    Tasting Notes:              Hazelnut, Raisin, Milk chocolate


r/o Simon House

2 Windmill Road



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