Ethiopian coffees are among the world's most varied and distinctive.This type is grown in the Sidamo region south of the capital, Addis Ababa. It is the most southern and most productive province in the country. The region is well known for having ideal climate conditions for growing coffee. This is all due to high altitudes of between a 1600 - 1900 meters, ample rainfall, optimal temperature, and rich soil.Washed Sidamos are typically high quality coffee with unique sweet lemon and floral flavours, and an ideal balance between acidity and body.


This coffee then goes through the CO2 decaffeination process using compressed carbon dioxide in water to attract and then remove caffeine from green coffee. Because this process only uses CO2, water, and charcoal filtering technology, it is completely chemical free. This process also leaves the proteins and carbohydrates that contribute to flavour untouched. Byproducts of this process are natural and recyclable.

Sidamo - Decaf

  • Country:                       Ethiopia

    Region:                         Sidamo

    Varietal:                        Heirloom

    Process:                       Washed and CO2 Decaffeination

    Tasting Notes:           Toffee, apple, lemon tart