• “Java” has become synonymous with coffee. The link between Java and coffee goes back to the late 1600s when the Dutch introduced coffee to the island of Java, making it the first place outside of Ethiopia and Arabia where coffee was cultivated.


    Records show that the first coffee seeds were planted by the Dutch Governor in Batavia (now Jakarta) in 1696!


    Over 300 years on, red ripe cherries are hand selected and then floated in a water tank to further select the highest quality cherries by density. The cherries are then dried in the sun on raised beds for an average of 25 days.


    This is a juicy and tropical cup which is fast becoming a NewGround favourite! As usual, if you can, we recommend resting the coffee for 2 weeks to begin experiencing it in its fullness. But we understand if you just can't wait...

    Sunda Hejo - Indonesia

    • Country:                       Indonesia

      Region:                         Java

      Varietal:                        Catimor & Typica

      Process:                        Natural

      Tasting Notes:            Strawberry, cream, pineapple