• The Zukuka Bora Coffee Project was set up to support the people of Mt Elgon in many different ways. While coffee farmers are at the heart of the project, the profits from the project are used to support their partner NGO - JENGA Community Development.


    JENGA have been working in the Mt Elgon area for more than 15 years, and had laid much of the groundwork to be able to build relationships with farmers and their communities. JENGA operate a range of projects - including education sponsorship, clean water schemes, savings groups, health promotion and training, and wider farming support.


    It's why we love to be so closely linked to their work!


    This washed coffee is juicy and bright with a beautiful balance.

    Uganda - Zukuka Bora

    Grind options
    • Country:                      Uganda

      Region:                        Bukhankawa, Elgon Heights

      Varietal:                        SL14

      Process:                        Washed

      Tasting Notes:           Lemon, wine gums, black cherry



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