We are so chuffed to have this coffee from our friends in Uganda. The inspirational stories from Zukuka Bora were part of how New Ground started - a dream that coffee can be used for social transformation all the way from bean to cup.

Zukuka Bora aim to be ‘more than fairtrade’ - the farmers receive training, tools and personal advice. They receive top-rate prices for their quality coffee, they receive bonuses and are stakeholders in the company. In addition Zukuka Bora help to deliver community-wide benefits such as; healthcare training, education sponsorship, and community savings groups.

As if that wasn’t enough, this coffee is a beautiful coffee. It is hand-picked, hand-sorted and naturally processed with the perfect amount of "funk". The result is a well balanced and sweet coffee, with fruitiness that punches through.

We know you’re going to love this coffee, as well as knowing that this coffee is helping to change lives!

Zukuka Bora

Grind options
  • Country:                       Uganda

    Region:                        Sipi Falls

    Varietal:                        SL-28

    Process:                      Natural

    Tasting Notes:              Rosy Apples, Red Cherry, Blackcurrant

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