French Press

4 mins
French press / the classic, the go to, the one that everyone has tucked away in their cupboards. It might be old school, but you can still make an incredible cup of coffee with one
What you'll need
French press
Filtered and freshly boiled water
16g NewGround coffee
Add 16g (or about 4 spoons) of coffee, ground medium coarse. If you want to get all fancy, pre-heat the french press and plunger which will make the metal expand and the little holes in the filter slightly finer.
Pour in 250ml freshly boiled water, give a quick stir. Put the plunger on top and leave resting on the surface.
At 4mins, slowly plunge and pour carefully into your mug of choice. Try not to disturb the sediment too much or you'll get a load of muddiness which is never a good thing.