Ben used to be part of our NewGround Team as Head of Coffee, after spending years in coffee with the likes of Origin, Long Miles and 5 Senses.

Now he lives in Tanzania and works for Kijani Hai Coffee.

Kijani Hai Coffee is a collective of experienced, like-minded coffee people, like Ben, who hold a shared vision of discovering a new narrative in specialty coffee.

Their mission is to add VALUE in coffee communities and increase ECONOMIC VIABILITY for coffee growers.

From the field to the cup, Kijani coffee works to improve not just QUALITY OF COFFEE, but QUALITY OF LIFE.


We have recently bought some coffee from Ben’s washing station, Nyantira, which is located on Tanzania’s Northern border within the region of Tarime. This stands between two of the World’s great landmarks: the Serengeti National Park and Lake Victoria.

This washing station was built in 2020 due to the amazing work of Kajani Hai Coffee.

Farmers are now being paid 6 MONTHS FASTER AND THREE TIMES MORE for their coffee, which was only made possible by the value appreciation that a washing station can deliver.

The Nyantira washed coffee exudes the classic East African high citric acidity, smooth body and dark berry characteristics, it is A TRUE TITAN OF TANZANIA.

A delicious coffee with an awesome story.

From the coffee fields of TANZANIA, to the NewGround Roastery in OXFORD.