Ugandan Coffee That Changes Lives & Tastes Incredible

As a result of the global pandemic, in 2020 there was a sweet little VAT cut. This has been awesome and will help so many businesses around the UK.

However, one business that we love from outside The UK are the guys at Zukuka Bora – an incredible coffee project in Uganda. They haven’t been able to access the same support as us, and have been impacted hugely by COVID-19 too.

So we’ve used this extra VAT saving to help pay towards three of their team to receive a week’s worth of brilliant training in Nairobi. Now these guys will be well on the way to serious skills in sensory and green coffee analysis!

Dave Bishop, MD of Zukuka Bora
A huge thank you in particular to our friends at the wonderful @newgroundcoffee in Oxford, UK, who are supporting this initiative.

“This is such an important, but often neglected skill set for producers and producer organisations like ours. We know that this training will bring great benefit both to us, our farmers and our roasting partners around the world.”