Social Enterprise Colab

NewGround X Luminary Bakery

We love partnering with creative and innovative customers, especially those that are working to make a long-lasting impact on society. Let us introduce you to LUMINARY BAKERY.

Luminary Bakery is an innovative response to a need seen for women who have had a social and economic disadvantage. They are a fantastic social enterprise that provides a safe and professional environment where women can grow holistically – encouraging ambition, restoration and second chances. Baking is used as a tool to take women on a journey to employability and entrepreneurship, equipping them with transferable skills for the working world. Through training, employment and community, Luminary aims to break cycles of poverty, violence and disadvantage once and for all.

In their 2020 report Luminary had supported a total of 90 women so far, 96% of whom had experienced gender based violence, and 79% of whom had experienced homelessness. In 2020 alone, 85% of women who had been supported by Luminary had reached independence. And to date, 13 businesses have been started by Luminary graduates.

In 2020 alone, 85% of women who had been supported by Luminary had reached independence

Inspired by the incredible work of Luminary, we produced the “Luminary Blend”.

A delicious blend of coffee, with a difference. A collaboration between two social enterprises working to bring change to society.

Luminary Bakery have two sites in London, one in Camden and one in Hackney. If you’re ever near by they are definitely worth a visit.