MCLAREN / Salon Prive event

What sets McLaren apart from the rest of the field? Innovation, heritage, technology…and the best coffee.

We love learning from and partnering with inspiring brands. McLaren has been at the forefront of the supercar evolution, continually pushing boundaries and not settling for the ordinary. We take huge inspiration from companies like McLaren!

McLaren wouldn’t settle for the ordinary coffee

In Sept 2021 we ran a pop-up for McLaren at Salon Prive, one of the world’s leading supercar events. McLaren wouldn’t settle for the ordinary coffee usually provided at the event, taking things into their own hands to provide something better.

Four days serving great flatties and nibbles from Silvie’s helped elevate the customer experience for all McLaren visitors. And for us having a backdrop of Blenheim Palace with the new McLaren Elva was a touch.