Natural Wines

Low intervention, bio-dynamic, pet nat, skin contact.
Carbonic maceration, semi-washed, anaerobic natural.

As well as a lot of jargon, natural wine and speciality coffee has a lot more in common. There’s a growing interest in these beautifully crafted products, interest in the unique taste profiles, and huge support for the hard-working (and traceable) producers.

We’ve recently opened a natural wine bottle shop at our roastery in Oxford, and we’re so excited to bring our customers on the wine journey with us. From cult classic Chin Chin, a bone dry, fruity Vinho Verde from northern Portugal, to L’Hurluberlu, the definition of a French natural red, to Pot Luck, where the fizz comes from spontaneous fermentation within the bottle, we’ve got a growing range.

Generally they’re all ‘natural wine’…

…this basically means they’re grown organically and the winery is at the same location as the vineyard. So the person(s) who grows the grapes makes the wine.. The yeast used in the fermentation is also from the vineyard (native yeast), and there’s no filtration and very little (or zero) additives. The result is usually a much more interesting wine, showcasing the vineyard and the “terroir” (the environmental factors).

We try to help our customers see past the jargon in speciality coffee, and hope to do the same with natural wines.

Natural wine; wine’s equivalent to speciality coffee.